10 Sites that Offer Free Sewing, Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Are you feeling inspired to start doing some crafting? Perhaps you’re looking for a new hobby. Or maybe you want ideas to keep your kids busy during summer vacation.

Regardless of the reason you want to craft, we can help!

We’ve put together a list of 10 fabulous crafting sites that offer free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns. They offer free advice, ideas, patterns, and craft projects of all kinds.

sewing pattern

1. 30 Minute Crafts

It can be frustrating when crafting projects take too long to complete. Although many of us wish we had hours and hours a day to work on a project, most of the time that is not realistic. Time can also be a problem when crafting with children.

Have you tried to get a five-year-old to focus on something for more than 30 minutes (that isn’t on a screen)? It can be a challenge.

30 Minute Crafts is the answer to your crafting time problems. The website has ideas for crafts according to medium (fabric, paint, paper, etc.). But they also offer craft projects arranged by the amount of time they take to complete.

They have crafts for all ages, interests, and holidays. Although some of the crafts need things like a mini craft saw, most supplies easy to find. You may already own everything you need!

2. Dollar Store Crafts

Dollar Store Crafts is a website that proves crafting doesn't have to be expensive. This fun, upbeat blog has a fantastic way of explaining even the most complex projects. The crafts are so well-explained that anyone can understand them.

You'll find home decor projects that copy expensive-looking brands like Pottery Barn. If fashion is more your thing then they can help with that too. They have a tutorial to make your own Louboutin googly eye knockoffs for only $13.

A real pair will cost you $1,595...ouch!

Are you getting married soon? Dollar Store Crafts can help with that as well! Having a dollar store wedding doesn’t have to look tacky or cheap.

You can have the wedding of your dreams using this website, on a small budget. Learn to make origami favor boxes, Victorian flower cones, and a rustic wood cake stand.

3. Heart Handmade

Heart Handmade is the perfect crafting blog for adults. They offer all sorts of fun projects. Check out their printable adult coloring book pages.

Or learn from tutorials on how to improve your handwriting. There are tons of videos to choose from and even last minute crafty gift ideas. This site's yarn weaving ideas are simple enough for beginners.

But they're also so beautiful that no one will guess you're not an expert. You'll love the last-minute gift ideas that you can make in under an hour and that won’t break the bank.

Summer is here and many people will be filling their front porches and decks with lovely flowers. Why not kick it up a notch and see how to customize all your plant pots? Regardless of which project you’re working on Heart Handmade has something that you’ll love.

4. Almost Makes Perfect

The writer named this website because she had a difficult time getting to where she is today. Now, she tries her best at crafting, decorating, cooking, and other artistic endeavors. And she recognizes that having fun with the process is more important than a perfect result.

Many of us can relate.

This blog celebrates the idea that there is no fun in crafting if you take yourself too seriously. You should be comfortable messing up. Chances are, somewhere in your house you have a drawer, box, bag or bin filled with dud projects.

They're projects that you started and never finished or finished and didn't like. You'll find tons of project ideas offered here. From luggage tags to DIY pickling kits, upcycled denim napkins, and tons of free printables, you’ll find it all.

5. A Beautiful Mess

This crafting blog covers a wide range of topics. With home decor, natural beauty, recipes, and crafts, you’ll find everything your heart desires. Sisters Elsie and Emma have created a lovely site to inform and inspire.

The site separates crafts into one of four sections. They have jewelry, paper crafts, sewing, and textile printing. You'll find projects for every level and interest.

One of their most popular crafts is a summer baby dress you can make in only 20 minutes! They've also created a toy castle made from recycled cardboard.

There are even crafts that, while not “pretty” are very useful. A perfect example is the 5 minute reusable Swiffer cover. It's a great way to get the joy of making something and saving some money.

Looking for some great gifts? This website has hundreds of perfect gift items you can make. The lip balm locket and glass planters would make perfect gifts for any person in your life.

6. Craftsy

Craftsy is an amazing resource for all things crafting related. They offer the perfect combination of tools ensuring that you can learn new skills, practice those skills, and even level up your crafting experience. Browse their selection of classes that teach all sorts of different arts and crafts.

They have videos from industry pros and sell a huge selection of patterns and art supplies for any kind of craft project you can think of. With over 1,000 online classes covering every topic from quilting, embroidery, drawing, to baking, you’ll never be bored and can always find something new.

Their ready-made craft kits are perfect for a crafting date night or to guarantee that you can have some great bonding time with your kids during the summer. While they do have plenty of free resources, you should consider joining their Craftsy Unlimited program. This gives you access to every single class they offer, access to over 600 industry experts, and thousands of patterns, recipes and crafting ideas.

7. Diary of a Quilter

Quilting is one of the cornerstones of the crafting world. Chances are most of us can remember being at our grandmother's house and seeing beautiful quilting projects displayed. Quilting has regained its popularity over the past few years due to its affordability and how easy it can be to do.

Diary of a Quilter is a fantastic source for newbies and experienced people alike.

The site has tons of free tutorials that cover every single step of the quitting process. This includes picking out the types of fabric you're going to use, different quilting designs and how to finish a quilt. There are some patterns available for purchase on the site, but there are plenty of free options as well so you won’t have to worry about spending money if it isn’t in your budget.

8. P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This has craft ideas for even the most distracted of crafters. She covers topics such as fashion, food, gifts, and beauty with craft/DIY ideas that fit into at least one of those topics.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to craft, or perhaps you have a hard time finishing projects you start, then the Craft Math section will be perfect for you.

The Craft Math section has hundreds of projects that only require a few supplies and have very, very, very simple to follow instructions. You can skim through the pages and see a picture that shows what supplies you need and what the final product will look like. The majority of the products use 5 supplies or less.

9. Creative Live

Creative Live is a craft site for those who are looking to learn a new craft or enhance their skills with a craft they are already familiar with. If you want to learn about it, you’ll be able to do so on this site. They have over 1,500 classes, 650 expert instructors and over 10 million people have used their classes.

Enjoy their free podcasts, interview events, and craft challenges.

With Creative Live you have both free and paid options. They have a stream section of their website with 5 channels running classes 24 hours a day. All of the air broadcasts are free to watch.

If you are wanting to participate in a specific class you will have to pay, but you will have access to all the class material for life.

10. Dear Creatives

This website is perfect for the classy crafter. The crafts on Dear Creative are beautiful enough to grace even the most elegant of homes. There are crafting tutorials that help you create items for your own home or to give as gifts.

Check out fun paper crafts, polymer clay crafts, the ever-popular mason jar crafts, jewelry crafts, and many different types of seasonal crafts.

There is also a sewing gallery that has photos of some of the finished products that you can find on her site. If you are looking to craft some decorations for a party, you’ll find tons of ideas on Dear Creatives, not just for the decorations and gifts but for food and drinks as well!