Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Sometimes you have to keep busy at home and don’t have time to run out for supplies. We’ve created this list of toilet paper roll crafts that uses items we think you’ll have readily available. From napkin rings to binoculars, there’s a toilet roll craft for everyone!

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas for kids and adults

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Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

birdseed feeder 008


Supplies: Peanut Butter, toilet paper roll, bird seeds, plates, butter knife, small bowls

How to make:

  • Start by using your knife to spread peanut butter onto your toilet paper roll
  • You can fill small bowls with peanut butter to make it easier for small children to make this craft
  • Put birdseed onto a plate
  • Roll your peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in the birdseed
  • Once completed you can go hang it directly onto a tree branch
  • If you would like you can add a string and tie it to a tree but this step is not necessary

Toilet Paper Roll Phone Holder

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Supplies: Toilet paper roll, tape or some kind of wrap, 4 push pins, marker, craft scissors, blade

How to make:

  • Start by putting the bottom of your phone onto your toilet paper roll
  • Use a marker to trace the bottom of your phone onto the toilet paper roll
  • Cut out the section you just traced
  • Wrap the toilet paper roll with whatever decoration you like (tape, wrapping paper, stickers, etc)
  • Mark a dot around 1″ away from the middle edge of the hole on both sides
  • Connect the dots
  • Connect each dot with the corners of the hole and form a V
  • Cut along the line on one side of the V on each side
  • Do the same thing on the other side
  • Press each V towards the inside and tape them to the inside of the toilet paper roll
  • Add pushpins on both sides of the roll at the end to help make this stand up
  • Insert phone in the hole and you are done




Supplies: Toilet paper roll, drinking glass, X-Acto knife, ribbons, wrapping paper, decorations of choice

How to make:

  • Clean and flatten your toilet paper roll
  • Create flaps by placing a drinking glass at one end of the roll
  • Trace lightly around the cup
  • Use an X-Acto knife to create a curve and press down firmly to score the cardboard but not cut through it
  • Flip the roll and do it on the other side
  • Repeat this on the other end of the roll
  • Bend the ends of the roll to form the sides
  • Fill your box and decorate it how you like




Supplies: Two toilet paper rolls, white glue, glue-dots, scissors, string, construction paper, any decorations you would like

How to make:

  • Connect your toilet paper rolls together with glue dots
  • Wrap your rolls in construction paper
  • Decorate them however you choose
  • Poke holes around 1/2 inch from the top on each side
  • Attach string by looping it through the holes (tie knots inside to secure)
  • Go exploring


Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Ring Place Setting 1024x751


Supplies: Toilet paper rolls, fabric, glue

How to make:

  • Cut your toilet paper roll into small tubes (around 1 1/2 inches wide)
  • Cut fabric strips that are around twice the width of the cut rolls
  • Wrap your toilet paper tubes with fabric and try not to have excess fabric
  • With your fabric face down fold the long edges of the fabric to meet in the center of the fabric and iron them
  • Glue your fabric onto your tube (basting glue works well)
  • Let the glue dry
  • Add to your favorite napkins

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