Mixed Media Crafts

Mixed media crafts incorporate different types of creative mediums into one art form. We've pulled together information and pictures on 5 types of mixed media crafts including art forms like beadword and scrapbooking.


Beadwork is a decorative art form created by attaching beads together to create something beautiful. You can string beads together with a needle and thread, wire, or another stringy, sturdy material.

Since beads can be found in a variety of shapes and colors, beadworking is a really fun & creative form of craft. Kids interested in creating something they can wear may love this type of mixed media craft.



Basket weaving is the art of creating an object by weaving or sewing materials into a two or three dimensional object. Common types of basket weaving include containers and mats.

Basket weavers use wood, twigs and rushes to make this type of mixed media craft.


Batik is an ancient technique of dyeing material with wax to create partially painted designs. Wax keeps part of the material from absorbing the dye and helps create cool patterns or designs.

This oldest known object found using this technique was decorative, linen material found in Egypt.


A cooper is a person who makes or repairs wooden barrels, casks, tubs, troughs and other types of containers. Coopers are able to shape the timber by steaming or heating the material making it easier to shape.


Scrapbooking is the act of arranging different things onto pages of a book. This can include things like pictures, ticket stubs or anything that feels memorable.

While many people use scrapbooks to preserve special moments, they are also helpful for organization and presentations. Scrapbooking started in the United Kingdom around the 19th century.

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