Stone Crafts

Learn about 5 types of stone crafts including letter carving, mosaics, inlay work and stonemasonry.


mosaics crafts

The technique of inlaying is the act of incorporating pieces of ivory, wood or stone into a solid surface that forms a mosaic-like design.  Inlaid materials are usually pigmented to create a contrasting effect with the surface.


stone carving

We call the process of shaping rock “stone carving.” Archaeologists have found beautiful, carved stone structures amongst all cultures. But one of the oldest carved stone structures known to man is the Venus of Berekhat Ram, which is over 800,000 years old.



Stonemasonry is an ancient process of preparing, shaping and building with stone. Masons can use a variety of tools for stone masonry but the most common tools include chisels, mallets, and straightedges.


flint knapping

Photo source: Go Knapping

Flintknapping is the craft of chipping or flaking high silica stones (like flint) to create the desired shape. The best rocks to use for this craft are somewhat brittle as they are easy to break when struck. A crafter repeatedly strikes the rock with another rock until they achieve the desired shape.


letter carving stone

Photo source: Geraint Davies Stonemasonry

Letter carving on stone involves shaping stone with a sharp tool to form lettering. This type of letter carving requires delicacy to be able to achieve the desired letters as letters are usually thin in design. Traditionally, letter carvers use a chisel and hammer for their craft.

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