Wood and Furniture Crafts

Wood and Furniture Crafts
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Learn about 9 types of wood and furniture crafts from upholstery to woodworking, wood carving and even wood burning.


Marquetry is the act of creating detailed patterns by inserting pieces of material into a wooden veneer. The items usually used to be inserted includes wood, ivory, and metal. The term “marquetry” comes from the the French word “marqueter” which means “to varigate.”



Woodburning (also called pyrography) is the process of creating designs on wood by using a heated tool to burn the material. This practice is also done on other sturdy materials like leather. The art of woodburning dates back to the 17th century.



Wood carving is the act of decorating wood by hand using a sharp tool to cut out areas of the material. There’s a variety of techniques used to carve wood like blocking, smoothening, and surfacing. The tools that are usually used include chisels, v-tools and carving tools like gouges.



Woodworking is the art of forming objects made out of wood. Wood is one of the oldest materials used by man to create practical and artistic works. Ancient tools found to be used by neanderthals prove that they practiced woodworking.



Lacquer art is a a type of painting technique using lacquer which is a coating made out of resin or cellulose ester. Sometimes these ingredients are mixed together. The lacquer coating provides protection and a shiny appearance. Pigment can also be added to the lacquer for an added effect.



Carpentry is the skill of making and repairing objects made out of wood. The work is done by cutting and arranging the wood to construct an object. The history of carpentry goes way back. Some of the oldest evidence we have of carpentry are water casings that were found in eastern Germany that date back to 7,000 years ago.



Cabinet making (also called cabinetry) is the craft of constructing cupboards and other types of fine, furniture. Wood is the most common material used for making cabinets but other materials like metal and synthetic materials are used as well. Other features are incorporated for practicality or decoration like metal handles and designs.



Upholstery is the act of covering furniture with fabric, padding, springs, and other materials with the goal of providing comfort and/or ornamentation. Seats are the most common type of furniture upholstered. Traditionally, this skill was done by hand but these days upholstery is commonly done with the help of machinery.



Intarsia is a wood crafting technique that is accomplished by inlaying sections of wood within furniture like walls and floors. The process ultimately creates a mosaic effect. It is said that the art of intarsia gained popularity during the time when Egypt came under Arab rule during the 17th century.

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